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January 21, 2008


Irma Perlman

Amoroso is the yarn for the yoke and amorosa is the model who will wear it.Maravillosa is the sweater and knitter.


I have so much to learn (she said, as she doggedly plugged away at her all-stockinette-stitch, all-the-time cardigan).

Dixie Hall

That is gorgeous! I love the style and the color and your model wears it well!


Wow. Beautiful model, beautiful sweater. Clever designer! I must learn about this "Elizabeth Percentahge System." We're talking Elizabeth Zimmerman, right?


All of that sounds like Swahili to me. Percentages? Systems? I am really getting better at my purling though! (hee) So lovely though.


Its absolutely gorgeous - I love the design and the colour, and its great how it will fit the model for a while. I would buy it if it was written up (hint, hint).


OMGosh, Jen! I think that's my most favorite sweater of all! It's beautiful!

paula & bob

splendid! all of it, girl, sweater, knitter, writer, etc.


Great. Fantastic. And such a cute model. :-)
I really love this sweater and all the other designs
by EZ. Thank you for the fotos.
Elke from Germany

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