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March 21, 2008


Irma Perlman

I wish I could kiss your subject and all the others too. The doll's outfit is beautiful.
It is still snowing heavily.It started around 7A.M and it is still coming down. Looking from the window it is like a picture card,but it is scary too.

amy a.

Oh my goodness, that little hooded capelet is adorable! It might even make me try one more project before I put all the yarn away for awhile.

That's a very impressive doll outfit, too.


Well, who can blame them? That is an extremely kissable face she's got there.

And great job Sabina on the knitting/crochet! I had no idea there was a whole world of knitting/crochet for dolls out there. I'd better not tell the girl child or all her Webkinz will be sporting ponchos before you know it.


The doll clothes are adorable! As is the little hood. I bet that alpaca/cashmere combination is very toasty!

Susan Easley

Awwww, to the pictures and the projects! Go Sabina!


I remember getting a doll for my 12th birthday and although I'd asked for it (I'd seen it in a shop and fallen in love with it), I also felt slightly self-conscious about it and didn't want to tell too many people. I still love dolls now though, and I'm now 37! So good for her, and I love her knitting and I love the crocheted hat even more.


Hurray, Sabina. The dolly sweater and hat are gorgeous!! love, grandma


Sshhh- don't tell anyone, but Sabina's 15 year old cousin still boasts an impressive stuffed animal collection. And he doesn't *just* use them for target practice.

Susan Easley

Okay, you forced me to buy that MF knitting book for Abbi. You owe me $12.21 :)


I'm sad and pathetic. I still can't knit. Okay..I can knit..I can't purl. I also can't figure out any of the oh, 6 or 7 knitting books I've bought to teach myself to knit.

Sad. Sad and pathetic.

WTG Sabina, I'm totally impressed.

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