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July 23, 2008



The sweater is gorgeous (as is the model). Even my mother wouldn't find your dog threatening..


Poor Clover - I don't get it. I simply cannot fathom the soul that wouldn't quiver at her ruffle clad fierceness ;)
Daisy is a lovely girl and the sweater equally charming. Well done.
Your prolific knitting continues to astound me.

Heather P.

Well Clover could live with me any time she wants and she doesn't have to scare anyone!
She's a doll!
Your knitting amazes me!


Daisy and her sweater are lovely!

Maybe it's just me, but Clover seems to be saying "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"...



Didn't you only cast on that sweater yesterday? Good grief.

And the dog looks seriously pissed off that you put her in a dress AND THEN PHOTOGRAPHED HER FOR THE WORLD TO SEE.


Am I crazy or do the colors in the yoke match Daisy's eyes? Gorgeous, either way!

I'm afraid Clover suffers from Schnauzer Syndrome -- small enough to be dressed in a toddler-sized costume. My childhood friend P and I used to dress her schnauzer in her old ballet tutus and parade her up and down the sidewalk. In our defense, though, the dog LIKED IT. I'm pretty sure.


Excellent sweater. Fearsome dawg.

Irma Perlman

Lovely,lovely demure Daisy and that great sweater.Great job Jenny.
As for Clover,I can read her mind,"never mind what she writes,I protect this family"(in her own special voice)


Just gorgeous....Daisy, the sweater, and the pics!!


My 2-year-old loves the picture of Clover. "The doggy is FUNNY!" If I scroll away from the picture, he repeats, "Mommy will find the doggy!" (hint hint, mom)

Did I mistakenly refer to Clover as a "he?" I can't remember. If so, I apologize.


Wow, what a gorgeous sweater (and model)!


Whoa, that was one speedily finished sweater!! Daisy looks lovely - it brings out the green in her eyes.

Jus Shar Designs

I tried looking for that pattern online, but can't locate it. Which book is it in? I'd love to make one too. :-)

Clover is stunning in her dress.....looks a little peeved, but nonetheless stunning.

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