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August 25, 2008



That sweater is gorgeous, as is the wearer. I love the colors!


Great sweater! Would be hard to veto!


Wow. I'm never sure about EZ patterns, sometimes too folksy for my taste and then I see this. Sophisticated yarn colors, the shape is beautiful on your gorgeous model, love the contrast trim color. Where's my Knitter's Almanac!?


Lovely jacket! And Agatha is a natural at this whole modeling thing. The complicated system of folding and stitching nearly gave me a migraine just thinking about it, though.


It looks great! The fit is perfect and I love that little tab in the back.

I'm currently knitting a Bog Jacket, myself, so am very amused by your take on the process!


It is incredible. You are my inspiration and Miss Agatha is quite the little model. Is it time to get that sewing machine humming again?


Your creative embellishments really set off the bog jacket. I can't believe how quickly you knit this in SEED STITCH! Oh my. That stitch and its cousins definitely slow me down considerably. Agatha is lovely. What a striking complexion--dark hair and dark eyes with creamy skin.


the jacket is cute. very much indeed. but your daughters are so unimaginably lovely looking little girls. no wonder you cannot stop knitting.


I saw the jacket and felt it and it is really lovely.The model---what can I say? you can not top her

Jakki Mitch

Luvly jacket!


What a lucky girl. It is fanastic!


That first picture is stunning - she is such a beautiful girl, Jen.

The jacket's lovely, too :)


Okay, I'm a newbie. I have EZ Knitter's Almanac and am working through the Knitter's Workshop videos. Could you tell me where the pattern for this sweater is? This is one of the prettiest sweaters I've EVER seen. I'd also love to know which yarn & color you used. I'd love to make this someday!


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