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January 08, 2009



awww. That Danny Kaye clip is priceless. The sweater is nice too!


I hope Olive loves her very lovely sweater as much as you loved making it. It was so nice listening to Danny Kaye singing again


The sweater is beautiful! I love the colors. I noticed when you were posting pictures while working on the sweater that the colors coordinate with Dana's sweater vest and shirt, and Olive's shirt.


Oh, wow, it looks spectacular as a yoke-style sweater. Beautiful work!


Pretty pretty pretty!! It's so pretty :-) And Olive obviously is overjoyed with it. Do you just stay awake for 24/7 to knit or do you have more hours in the day than the rest of us do? A sweater like that would take me months to finish.


Olive looks very happy with her sweater and her daddy! I was listening to Diane Ream on NPR the other day. The program was about a new book about Sesame Street and it was mentioned that You Tube has lots of Sesame Street clips. Think the book they were discussing was by Michael Firth and he was the guest.


Spectacular. Love the colors - just beautiful!


Really nice. I have sweater envy.

Hyena In Petticoats

Lady, you must knit like the wind! I would be still unpicking and re-knitting that pattern years from now - so much so that the jumper would have to be passed from one generation to the other without ever having been worn! eep!

It looks amazing, and Olive looks so happy wearing it - congrats!

Leah xxx


I believe this is my new favorite sweater. I love it and love seeing the header everytime I sign in.


I'm with the others: amazed and not getting how you get so many sweaters done. You DO have 6 children, right?

The TADA girls

Oh, this is beautiful! LOL for real at the sweaters growing up too fast!


Gorgeous. I can't think of anything else to say. Just gorgeous.


very pretty sweater. I think I like it better than the cardigan from the book.

Jeanne B.

Hi! I saw your post on Zimmermania and had to stop by. What a beautiful sweater. Your little girl is very lucky to have a Mom that knits such pretty things for her.


What a gorgeous sweater. I love the colours.


I have been following the progress of this sweater, and had to comment. I just wish I had known how to knit when my daughter was a child so I could have made something like this for her. Now, alas, I have no grand-daughters just handsome lads to knit for. Somehow I don't think they would wear this but I surely looks sweet on Olive. I bet it feels as good as it looks. :}

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