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January 23, 2009



Oh! So pleased you have a camera again. The words are wonderful without the pictures, of course, but I missed so much everyone's expressions. You're all so expressive; not a poker face in the bunch. And I missed the vicarious knitting texture too.

Heather P.

Gorgeous sweater!
Gorgeous girls too!
Sabina's hair though reminds me of a lovely Irish lass. Mine used to look like that, but now it is mostly gray!


Ah, pictures! I love the Medusa sweater. And I love the faces of your children and pet.


I didn't realize how much we miss when you don't have a camera. Thank goodness that's fixed. The new sweater is gorgeous and so are those girls, even the one you didn't show.


Hooray for having a camera again! I remember how awful it was when mine broke and I was camera-less for a few days.

The Meduse-yoke sweater is amazing! I adore it.


Lovely Medusa sweater! & Family, too!


Happy Day! Camera again! Wonderful pics, the girls are lovely and the knitting! I like the pattern on the Plisse sweater.


It's an embarrassment of knit-ness!

(heh heh ... sorry)


Wonderful pictures and knitting.The children look lovely and so does Clover when she's not posing for her boy friend.I'm glad that Agatha helped with the knitting.Keep the camera up high.


Great sweater, great hair, , great girls, great dog and another great sweater on the way. :)


Yay for cameras!

How did I miss this post? How? I'm stunned.

Firstly, the sweaters...what more can I say...I'm blown-away by your talent. Gorgeous. Spectacular. Outstanding. Love the green color of your work in progress--looks like beach glass.

Secondly, the beautiful faces of your girls...so sweet and young and adorable.

Thirdly, Clover. Tex took one look at her profile and began to pant. I don't blame him. She's a goddess.


Semitic hair.

There's a turn of phrase you don't hear very often.

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