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May 08, 2009



I use twitter from my computer/the website only. No mobile twittering for me. Hello, yesterday someone had to explain to me what a "reader" is. I don't think I'm ready for texting or cell phone apps.

The blog following is something inherent to Blogger blogs, I think. I don't know. I don't get that one, either.

Weird Al Yankovic is on twitter. And that's really all you need to know.


Easiest thing to do with Twitter is set Facebook to use your tweets as your Facebook status updates. That way you cover both bases, but don't have to do extra work. As mentioned above, you can tweet from the website so you don't have to use your cell phone to tweet, though I have an iPhone app that makes it simple to do.


The other day OFD asked me what is to be a twiter,I was proud that he had heard about it.All I know is that if Whoopie doesn't do it I won't do it either.Once you get it explain it to OFD and then to me.You'll need lots and lots of time---


I used to do the Twitter before I used Facebook and I've found that I like FB much more. Easier to communicate with people who are communicating with you.

Thanks for my morning blog read, now I can start my day.

If you get a minute, drop by my blog and read Brock's 2nd writing and tell me why she gave him a 53 out of 100. She used her Rubric for it??


I barely have time to keep up with Facebook and my blog and the sewing and the children and the dog.... now we're all supposed to write about it all the time? I don't think I am pithy enough for that.

And I accept the baton you have dropped at my feet. I will do a MEME.


A most excellent meme!

My favorite answer is the one about the important lesson your children have taught you. Amen, sistah.

PS- There's a hamster who makes me laugh, too. He's Hamster on a Piano. Have you seen him on youtube?


Heh. I was already doing this meme just because I liked it when I clicked over here and found you had tagged me. Karma, babe!


Well now I'm off to find the hamsters.


oh, lord, a meme.

Poppy Buxom

Yay, someone who actually does a meme when I tag her. You're my new BFF!!11!!!

I blow hot and cold with twitter. It's really fun for huge occasions like election night and the inauguration--less wonderful when it's people reminding me to go read their blogs. I have the Tweetie app on my iPhone, but mostly I use the web-based version.

Oh, and strangely enough, I like twitter more than Facebook because almost no one I know in real life follows me on twitter, so I can say whatever the hell I want. Also, on twitter, no one is trying to get me to play some stupid game.

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