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April 02, 2010



"How is this night different from any other night?"! I'm dying! And the secret Norwegians-only patterns.

By the way, it's cooled off by 20 degrees here today, compared to yesterday's bizarre, unseasonably warm weather. Are you back to spring-coat-for-Olive weather up there?


Hee. Gnome Foot-Slap Dance

I'm really a car singer too - I sing harmony to everything. Being an alto is fun.

Alice C

I hate it when clever people like you make a meme seem like a wonderful piece of original writing. It is one of the least likeable aspects of my personality.


Another car singer....currently to the Glee cd. I'm so glad my babies can't talk.


I recognize most of these,but there is one I didn't know and it has been my secret wish--to go to Las Vegas.Who knew?

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