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November 28, 2012



As much as I dislike the expression, I guess it applies to autism here - It is what it is.

Olivia's autism is less acute that Olive's, but it still...makes itself known. Liv was our firstborn, so I don't have a non-autistic motherhood experience to recall fondly. This is and always has been our "normal".

The thing I can't stand is when people tell you "how awesome" you're doing with your kid. Really? What was my other choice?

And on to a lighter subject - Are you gonna make me beg to hear your take on the latest Two and a Half Men kerfuffle? SPILL, WOMAN!


I agree with Michelle. There's no other choice. One day at a time - no heroics, just doing what has to be done.

(Sarah) Hunter Pearson Silides

Wow, Jen! I didn't know this was part of your world, too. I once thought it would be a terrible tragedy to have a child with autism. It was on my "I could never handle that..." list along with marrying a man, teaching, living without alcohol, adopting a baby and a pile of other things. The only thing left on that list is home school and if what happened to everything else on that "Never List" is any indication it is just a matter of time before I do home school, too. I've been the mom of a boy with autism for 12 years now. I don't mind the Holland story, but I definitely get the haze analogy. When I step back I ache for my boy just out of fear that he won't experience life as I have. But if I just land my proverbial airplane, he is happy to let me know he does not want my life. He wants his life. And he's getting it. Pain, joy, crazy-hilarious-misunderstandings and all. Now instead of feeling it is a tragedy to be this guy's mom, I say I feel sorry for everybody who doesn't get to live with someone on the spectrum. It must be like living in a house with no mirrors and no windows. If not for the perspective this kid has given me, I wouldn't know myself half so well. Some days, it might be nice not to know some of what I have learned about myself and the world. But knowing makes my whole life more real.

The Coffee Lady

Thank God for that. I thought you were going to do the Holland thing.

Miss Susan

"Welcome to The City of Angels." Much better than Holland :)


Ok - what the heck is the Holland thing?

Stephanie Meyer

I'm reading Andrew Solomon's new book, Far from the Tree which talks about the Holland thing. It's a story about expecting to travel to Italy but ending up in Holland instead. It's an allegory for things happening in life that you never expected but that you should appreciate for what they are.

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