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November 10, 2012



Dana went trick-or-treating as a law professor from the University of Chicago?


:-) So glad! (And laughing at --G's comment.)


So VERY glad things are better. Food is supposed to taste good. Life is supposed to taste good. And better living through chemistry can be a big help.

Dana looks splendid.


Agatha looks terrifying! (For the record, I saw both versions, and although usually I agree that the original is best, in this case I preferred the U.S. one. Which makes me a philistine or something, probably.)

Your last line cracked me up.

Oh, and I want Taco Bell now. Thanks a lot.


Let me make a wild guess: Dana went as President Obama. Excellent. I bet he got way more candy than the kid dressed as that other guy.

The Coffee Lady

We watched the first Twilight film with Eldest to celebrate the birthday that meant she was old enough to watch it: we probably ruined it by carping the entire film through. The man is just eyebrows on a stick.

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