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November 12, 2012


Miss Susan

What an absolutely adorable puppy! Congratulations to all of you :)


What extreme cuteness!


Good idea!


Loie, who named your pup's older brother Shakespeare, thinks that "Elizabeth" (shortened to Lizzie) would be a good name for the new puppy (can you tell that we're doing medieval history this year?) I defer to Agatha, though, because Pam Spaniel is a genius name.



Annie D.

Since this darling puppy is half Bichon Frisé, I thought of the following French names: Madeleine (Maddy), Claire, or Charlotte (Lottie).

Pam (not the dog)

I once named a baby Llama "Maggie" (short for maggot, but that was a story in itself). It would seem most fitting (in your case) that one of your family names this dog also. I noticed one of the children did a lovely job naming another dog of yours. Seems more cozy for you that way. But hey, obviously names may not be my thing.

Miss Susan

I had to show my current baby the pictures of New Spaniel, and with his limited language skills he gleefully commented "oohhhh, TEEEE!!" (see!).


Lorna (Doone.)


I tried to think of names that go with Pam. All I could think of was: Green Eggs.


She seems intrepid and very sure of herself. That's a "Libby" face if I ever saw one.


How about Her Adorable Cute Preciousness? Seems to fit...


My first Cavalier was called Sarah. Many dogs later, we have a Molly.

Alice C

Princess Squidgy of the Magic Spaniel Kingdom?

Ill with envy over here but thrilled for you.


I like the earlier suggestion of Lottie. And it goes well with Pam.

Very happy for you. A dog shaped hole in the heart is a big one.


This little puppy is a dear. Everyone will love her. A name? Hmmmm. Something to go with Pam. Hmmm.


I am horrible with animal names, I just can't think of any, so my daughter does it. Our little animals are great comforters to us and to lose yours at a time when you have the greatest need of her must be hard indeed. It is a lovely thing to welcome a new little dog though and she looks delightful. I am glad that Pam Spaniel will have a new play mate. Can't wait to 'meet' her.

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