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December 22, 2012







Truyly the cutest pup ever. And the tiny green cast? Awwwww. Poor little thing!

Heather P

I love Joan!


I knew you'd come around, Pam. Glad you're realizing how important your tutelage is.


Hey Joanie,
My beta still has a really nifty ramp and some slidey board things on wheels where you can be pulled around in style...........all as a result of my brother's broken leg/body cast last year.........happy to share.

Also, as a fellow spaniel of the cocker family, may I say how fetching I find you and ask your family for your paw in marriage..........a promise is all I need for now. If you are so inclined, please make sure to put "in a relationship" on your FB page so all will know you're mine.

Yours in Spanielness,
Cooper H.

The Coffee Lady

I love this. And I don't even like dogs at all.


Pam is wiser than had been known.


They will be friends yet, bless them. How funny that the little baby one is now the grown up, but she is isn't she? Both of them are adorable. The little picture of Joan with her cast on, is so sad but so cute too. I hope her little toes mend quickly. Little Joan has come to a lovely home, she is sure to be happy with you all.


Poor Joanie....what a way to learn one's limitations.

And, Mr. Cooper, I do believe a young suitor should confer with the young lady's beta/father first. Just saying.... :-)

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