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December 01, 2012



Makes sense to me!


Was hoping you'd include a vid of Baloo.
But just for the records, those sharing your DNA can handle a no-mouse laptop. It does not involve the same skill set as opening a new box of cereal.

Janet Friel

Sounds like the perfect laptop to me - I want one!


I love the "no caps lock" and "no insert" features. Mouses are easy to install through a USB slot.

I wish you consulted for an IT company for those of us that love the internet but not the software - have you seen the new iTunes?


I have mouse and regular keyboard for mine. I hate the little mouse pad on laptops. Good luck. :)


I can't help you with the rest but...



PS: It's always the ice cream.


I cannot help you with all of your requests, but I understand why you are requesting them.
I recently switched to laptop only. I'm still adjusting to the fact hat ALL of m computer files are in this little box.

#2 - I have a wireless mouse. The receiver plugs into a UBS port that doesn't stick out disruptively.
I also have a tray for when I actually use the laptop on my lap, and it has a smaller slide-out tray for the mouse to move around. Both tray and mouse are from Logitech. I bought them at Target.

It mattered greatly to me that I have a full number key pad, which wider laptops (16-17") have and narrower ones do not. This may not be an issue for you, or may not have thought of it.

#6 CAPS LOCK - I can't answer for Apple, but Windows 7 has an Ease of Use section and can set it so that a beep is heard when changing Caps Lock, Num Lock, or Scroll Lock.

#11 Insert key - I hear you.

#13 - Return receipt - there are times in my job with the band that I need to know if m message reached its destination. Without return receipt, I will make a phone call.

#14 Autosave - again, I don't know Apple, but MS Word has Options to set an AutoRecover saving time.
I've learned in many areas that sometimes people don't tell you these helpful bits because they thought that they already knew. I once taught a boyfriend's mom how to securely snap a CD back into a case on the prongs - all of the men in her family assumed that it was obvious. She was so grateful for the 15 seconds it took to demonstrate.
#16 - I know of no software to activate children in ways their parents prefer. Sorry.

Best wishes with your search.


Are you sure, Lo? I had six children so Id never have to make thecereal box re-closable.


#1 - 4, no problem. After that, you are on your own. The Ding! when you hit CapsLock is pure genius; I just went through the system preferences on my Mac and, sadly, there does not appear to be such an option. Really, there should be such a thing. (It is not beyond the realm of possibility that it is hiding somewhere I couldn't find it. Others, feel free to prove me wrong.)


I want the one that turns the dishwasher on.


#8 (be able to decipher nuance) could make a major contribution to world peace.

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