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January 25, 2013



Seriously? There are no comments about all that gorgeous Rowan yarn? (I wonder if it is still on sale, and if there is any left.) And that man at the vet's office. Blech! Thanks for another funny post. You are on a roll these days! Glad it's going well.


Rowan? on sale?

::clicks away::


You meant to buy gorgeous yarn and you did well. i love, love, love the colours (and that is not A--- Ingrid talking).


I just got a box of Rowan tweed today - but *I* know what I'm making. Dilys by Marie Wallin from the new tweed book. Maybe you just forgot to order the tweed book.. .

The yarn is gorgeous, and Joan is adorable. Hope she's fully on her feet in a day or so.


The culprit in my case isn't A, but a similar generic that I chose specifically because it was supposed to have fewer of those sort of side effects. Yeah, right.

When the UPS man shows up with a box full of new karaoke cd's, or some saucy boots, I'm as surprised as anybody. I occasionally have a whiff of recollection, which I typically will have written off as a dream, until Mr. Brown Shorts delivers the undeniable (yet fabulous) proof of my transgression. :\

ccr in MA

What a fascinating side effect! I've never taken A myself, but it makes me wonder what my unconscious indulgence would be.

Yeah, probably yarn, too. Or books. Or chocolate!

Can't wait to see what you decide to make with the yarn. Maybe lay out all the pattern books you already own, before taking A? Or set up a Ravelry search for only free patterns?


About the second half of your blog: There are a lot of people who do not think much about what they are saying or about the feelings of those who hear what they are saying. That is why I prefer to stay home with my cats.


Wow, that's a lot of yarn to not remember buying...

Poor obnoxious cell phone talker. I just usually give those people my evil stare.


Joan is the perfect dog! Perfect.

You might enjoy this Louis CK tale about dogs and medical problems. I watch it a lot:


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