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January 31, 2013



My dearie quotes the web comic xkcd.com that the Dating Creepiness Factor is: your age divided by two, then add seven.

A person aged 50 should not date anyone younger than 32 or older than 86.

One rule of thumb for your consideration.
Wikipedia tells me that Dick Cavett is 76.

My childhood family had two lefties, Mom and my brother, and two righties, Dad and me. I always liked the symmetry of all possible pairings within the family: Adult-Kid, Girl-Boy, Rightie-Leftie.

Now, my dearie is ambidextrous (he favors his left and favors the term ambisinistrous) and the kids are both righties. This disappoints me a little.


My first ever I'm-gonna-marry-him-someday crush was John Travola, circa Grease/Saturday Night Fever. :\

Now I tend toward the hulking Scottish fellas - Gerard Butler and Kevin McKidd. I think maybe I've read "Outlander" a few too many times.

The Coffee Lady

You know, I change my mind. A lot.

Mr Coffee knows better than to even answer the question.


Sabina's afghan looks great!

As for the "hall pass", Jonathon Rhys Meyers and Michael Fassbender come to mind. I have a thing for the Irish!


I have always been crazy for Dick Cavett too - I have a thing for wit.

But I like Colin Firth too

Mary K. in Rockport

Put a fake bandage on the dog's other front leg, briefly; it's good trick to cure favoring the formerly bad leg.
We played the who-would-you-pick game once and, to my satisfaction, my husband picked an acquaintance who greatly resembles me!


I don't think that "Hall Pass" game is a good one. What do you do if he answers, "Charlie Sheen"? It could happen.


DH always favors smart women with long dark hair and light-colored eyes, a description that happens to fit me as well. Win-win, I say. He is also a leftie, and I discovered early on NEVER to sit with him on my right when we were eating -- too much elbow bumping.


"We might go to the theatre less often."
Ha! That sounds like my husband! :)


Marlon Brando. When he was young and surly.


A few thoughts: 1) Hall pass? Tyler and I must be border-line swingers, because we have a "three free" list. And mine are all older than me. 2) Joan is adorable. 3) Maybe I hung out with the wrong crowd in college, but when I was there (in Champaign, IL), "clove cigarettes" were code for something else. Have I missed the announcement that she's attending Berkeley? Either way, keep it away from the afghan.

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