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January 16, 2013



I'm sure Olive IS happiest being with those who want to learn from her - people who want to connect with her, who care about her. I even think that EVERYONE wants & needs these same things. This is what's great about life: if we pay attention, we are always learning.

maria welch

I'm not sure if I can post on here but I love reading your Olive stories. I am proud to have been touched by her. She makes more impact in the world than she realizes. Looking forward to reading the book. Hope all is well with you.



I have absolutely no doubt that she understood and felt the enormous love.


Maria, are you Magical Realism Maria?

Jen, deep sigh. I wish she could learn more, and comprehend more, and speak more, too. I'm so sorry about the vomiting, etc. And yet, what beautiful letters.

Mary K. in Rockport

What a lovely and interesting post.


This is a beautiful post.

The Coffee Lady

Oh, dearie me.


This touched my soul as a teacher and a mother. You have an incredible ability to capture emotion in words, Jen. And a book? The world could really, truly use some lessons from Olive <3

Miss Susan

Observing Olive has taught me far more than I could ever teach her. She knows more than I do so has me at a disadvantage.


Olive hears and knows in ways we can only dream of. Thank you for your words. Keep writing.

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