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January 14, 2013



Words cannot describe the degree to which I can't wait to read this book.


Columbo is on Netflix, if that helps.


"It made me feel both purified and unsentimental." I love it.


A new look here in the blog! Also, I love your writing rituals. First draft IS hard; editing (I'm a natural born critic, not a writer) is satisfying.


"Write drunk, edit sober" is my mantra, not that my preschool-level editing skills show that level of attention to detail... :\

When I need to write, I need to just spill it. If I edit as I go, things sound canned, things get overthunk. I have to deliver the whole raw thing, let it sit a while, then come back to it and try reading it as if it's something completely separate from me, *then* try editing it without butchering it. Even with all that, I kinda suck at it.

You are brilliant, and I love your writing. Do your thing however you need to. We'll wait for the good stuff. :)


^ see what I mean? I edited that first sentence and look what I ended up with. :(

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