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January 04, 2013



Whoa! That's great!

Heather P

I never owned a Swatch, but do love a quality Swiss made time piece. My newest obsession is Stuhrling Original watches. I've had to go with chronograph watches because quartz ones just won't run for me anymore. I've found several for less than $100. They are wonderfully well made.


Happy happy happy for you!!!


And I'll be happy to nudge you now and then. When the book is published I will pre-order a copy

margaret mclellan

I'm so glad you are finally writing a book--ever since I started reading your blog three or four years ago I've thought you should turn your posts into a book. I think you have a few more distractions than your father did, so you have every right to be a bit demanding.


Jen! That's wonderful--the retun to health, the Swatch, the BOOK! I'm very happy for you!


Yay! This brings me much happiness, Jen. Thank you for a great start to 2013.


Great expectations!


Yeah!!!!! I will hold you to it.

Janet Friel

I look forward to reading your book and I think you have the perfect excuse to suspend all domestic activity indefinitely!


Too many wondrous things in this post to compliment you on every one, especially before I have had my coffee. Mainly, I am delighted to be one of the 156 people to whom you disclosed this contract. Go, you! and I will pre-order a copy as soon as they are available, too.

Other Jen

Perfect. I'm a very quiet but faithful reader here. I love your writing. You were absolutely meant to write a book. I'm a faithful fan...


Many bloggers are writing books these days. You are one of two bloggers whose posts regularly make me think "I wish she would write a book!" Your statement about your rigid ideas about cheating was further confirmation to me that you will write a book that is worth reading.

Pam. (not the dog)

I'm still stuck on: does it say "Don't be late, too?" or "Don't be too late". since there is no comma on the watch, I guess it's the latter. May it help. And Happy New Year! ~Pam.


Can we per-order on amazon yet? :)

Alice C

So - let me get this right - I am to make a loud noise at increasingly frequent intervals until you deliver the copy? Yes? And if you fail to do so on time it is my fault?

OK - off we go



Hooray! Can't wait!

Happy New Year! So glad you're feeling better.

Stephanie Barry

How funny! That was my favorite (and only) Swatch, too. Every once in a while I have searched for it, but had no success! I moved on to the Timex Ironman Triathlon. Glad you found it -- enjoy! (and as my grandmother always said, "wear it in good health.")


ARgh about being ill through the holidays, but I'm really happy to hear about your book!


Congratulations, Jen! I, too, have been waiting patiently for the book, and now the wait is nearly over.


I can tell this is going to be good: I'm saving reading it for when I have more time to enjoy it.


I'm glad I waited to read this post: I was right: it contained FANTASTIC news! In leiu of blogging you could photograph piles of printouts for us instead of beautiful knitwear. We'll even heart those pictures on Ravelry if it helps you to keep working....

Go, Jen!


Fantastic news! Congratulations! Have you started accepting bribes from your siblings yet? I can only imagine the heart palpitations that must occur when your younger sibling tells you they're writing a memoir...

Can't wait to read it!!!!


Congratulations! I will preorder too. Is this why you wanted the laptop? LOL. How many chapters have you written so far? ROTFL.


I am ECSTATIC! Beyond SILLY with WHEEEEEE to know that you are writing a book! Positively BEYOND SILLY!!!!

squeee squeee squeee and my well loved copy of "Bird by Bird", Sarah (of the old stinkypete&co)


Catching up on your news after my summer of cleaning and napping, and am thrilled to hear a book is on the way. Looking forward to the news on 2 June.

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