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February 09, 2013



Cosseting the whippet. I need to engineer some conversation wherein I can use this phrase. Brilliant.

Mary K. in Rockport

Those beautiful Noro blankets are a'calling me, too. I acquire skeins of Silk Garden when they're on sale and salt them away until I have enough to make something. I hope I don't die first!

ccr in MA

When I read this "more information runs the risk of destroying my enjoyment of the photograph entirely" I knew I had to comment, because you're so right! Wisdom indeed to know that some things, once seen, cannot be unseen. Much better to not know than to know and wish you didn't.

The doorway in that photo makes me think of a biscuit tin. (I am American, but "cookie tin" is not the right phrase.)


I had a whippet. She would have liked to be cosseted.

The paragraph commencing with, "But the word organic ..." may be my favorite thing you've ever written.


I don't know much about that woman, Lucy Helmore, and why and when she and Bryan Ferry divorced (or who her new husband is). To me, a very interesting story concerned what happened with the woman Bryan Ferry was engaged to before Lucy Helmore. But I won't tell it here so as not to impart more information.


I beg to differ. That photo had to have been taken on a ship. On the paunchy gentleman's yacht, to be specific. And that is why Lucy what's-her-name left the rock star. Paunchy gentleman with yacht (and cosseted whippet) beats rock star every time.

Miss Susan

"cosseting a whippet." I am now tasked with the burden of imagining scenarios in which I can work this into a conversation in a breezy manner.


Whippet notwithstanding, the decor is making me nauseous.......or possibly the movement of the yacht. Move over cossetted whippet, I need a fainting couch to recline uponk


Nights in Rodanthe...very awesome movie.

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