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February 26, 2013




Theresa Flynn

So well written!!!


I hope you never run out of stories about your dad. Although they make my throat tighten and my eyes wet, they are so beautiful.


You are an amazing writer. These posts should be family herilooms.


Bless James for coming to see your Dad. It sounds like it was healing for James as well as wonderful for OFD. <3

I love that you stored up your stories.


What a visit.


Beautifully written!!


The reason you did not cry was because you cared so much. It was a protective mechanism which allowed you to deal with all that was going on and then process it all and cope with it later. That is what you are doing now, so beautifully and honorably. So never feel wrong or bad or guilty about not crying. Sometimes a huge shock has to be dealt out at an emotional distance otherwise we would crumple. It is said that those who seem alright after a major event or happening are those who go on to suffer from post traumatic stress, where those who go to pieces at the time, often manage quite well and move on from the situation without so much lasting trauma.

In any event we are not all the same, and it is obvious to anyone that your love for your dad was lasting and true. No one would ever doubt that :) I'm sure that your dad of all people knew that too.

Miss Susan

Love all this so much. Glad for James' visit and how much it meant.

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