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March 25, 2013



Read this book in college and loved it. That should tell you everything you need to know. *Everything you need to know: I was an idiot.*
In other news, I am not an idiot now.
PS-Your blanket is beautiful.


I can't remember now why I thought I should read it, but I did read it, struggling all the way . It was definitely Rand's political stance at that time. Blanket is definitely a better project and is much more artful.


Thank you -


Thank you for releasing me from that book. Gorgeous blanket!


I think I started the book at some point and put it down because I couldn't figure out why it was so overwrought. War and Peace, on the other hand, was good enough to read five or six times in two languages. Shouldn't books have to actually be good to get on those bucket lists? :)


I read that and The Fountainhead and most of Taylor Caldwell one summer in my early 30's. I think the next summer I moved onto self-help books. I should have learned to knit instead because that blanket is beautiful!


I recently read The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck. The pretension of using your middle initial aside, it was a fairly dull read. I kept thinking something would happen or that it was good for me to read such a slowly paced book but, having finished it, I think she was a much better humanitarian than she was a writer. Who judges those prize things anyway?!


Got to say.... I'm here for the dogs and not so much the knitting. But this is fantastic!!!


Sorry, I'm stuck in the 1958 cocktail party where I would have a few choice words to say to my mother who was pregnant with me during most of that year.


I read it in high school. I was a pretentious little sh!t back then (yeah, as if I am sooo humble now). Your blanket is definitely better than the book. The blanket will keep the recipient cozy warm for many winters (and cool spring/fall nights) to come, whereas the book, if burned, would only provided warmth for a few days. (See what I did there? The book is so darned thick that burning it would take days.)

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