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March 13, 2013



Glad you aRe staying out of trouble...but those shoes are GORGEOUS!!! Ah to be able to wear heels again. Sigh!


1. Great, sparkly shoes!
B. I say, Rock the giant titanium stud! Show it off with impunity as you talk with a Joisey accent and reference your cousin Vinny and cement overshoes.
iii. If you haven't seen Henry Winkler lately, please do an Google image search for him BEFORE you go to the banquet. He sure ain't Fonzie anymore.

Kathy S.

Wait, did you tell us you were getting a dental implant? Did I miss that? Because I have one, too. Physically it was no big deal (pain-wise, anyway), but emotionally it was sort of an ordeal. A year-long, semi-traumatic ordeal. A year in which I took to my bed frequently and complained a lot. Oy. I went nearly a year without eating tortilla chips! Humans are not meant to live that way. So glad you are almost to the endpoint!


Are those shoes perchance size 7.5? Just wondering.

Mary K. in Rockport

I'm surprised that the stripes are coming out so defined (one color per one or two rows.) Is Noro striped that regularly - or are you doing something special to make it come out that way?


Good luck with the implant - my husband had one a year ago and it takes a while to get used to.


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