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May 09, 2013


Miss Susan

That's a tall order for any story. Good thing we believe in fairy tales.


I've used this "Woodland" yarn before, but not for clothing. I'm not sure whether that would fly or not.
It wasn't bad to work with though.

That linen is pretty gorgeous though. Not NORO (all hail!) gorgeous, but still, nice. ;)


Alice C

The art of knitting isn't hard to master; so many things - even nettles - seem filled with the intent to be knit so practice knitting more and knitting faster. Knit a daughter's dress and more! Use watercress! It really is not too hard to master.

One day as they leave the house with their bags packed and it feels like disaster - you can hold onto the end of yarn that you have cunningly left trailing and the dress will unravel - you will retain contact and they will always be able to find their way home. Oh no...wait...that's another fairy tale.






Now I have to read The Wild Swans.

That sweater is going to be beautiful. And it's sort of fitting that it's sorta painful to knit.

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