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May 13, 2013





The way it leaves me wanting more makes me wonder if it is the kind of intoxicating treat that gives you a hangover the next morning - but I want want want more.


Thank you. Lovely prose that gave me a lot to think about. Keep going. You are good.

Kathy S.

Plenty of peppermint on that piece of bark. Perfection.


More please.


Treats, always.
You are a somebody writer.


I am so looking forward to your book. But keep the treats coming, Jen.
Shards of any size are welcome.


Jen, thanks so much for sharing this treat! Yes, lots of quarters to keep the balls in play!! Looking forward to more treats and then of course, the book.


I am glad you continue to write. Even if it is not fiction.

Many quarters to you, my dear.


This is good, keep going!
I could graph the anxiety levels you provoked...


Treat - definitely. Beautiful. Thank you.


I'm running late for work but I had to keep reading till the end.
It's good.


Wow. Just wow.


What happened to Rich?

Stephanie Barry

Incredible. You have quite a life, quite a way of interpreting your life experiences, and quite an interesting way of writing about them. I said "Holy S---," to myself halfway through - you know where - and yet could not tear my eyes away. Your writing evokes a multitude of thoughts and feelings -- wild. Bravo.

Annie D.

I'd like to pre-order some more peppermint bark. It's awesome!


I can't tell you how much I want to talk about this with you. Or with the people in my (now-long-gone-but-I-could-resurrect-it!) book group. So good. But, yikes. I'm so sorry about your friend.

Does this mean that that time Olive said "HI!" (in her own way) when you all walked into Starbucks that time---does this mean that she doesn't do that anymore? And I haven't read anything about Magical Realism Maria for awhile. How's it going with seagulling?

I was just visiting with a family the other day whose eldest daughter has lost a year of her life due to severe psychotic breakdown that turns out to be caused by brain injury caused by Lyme disease, which they now realize she's had for years. This beautiful 18-year-old girl is in recovery, but all her friends are going off to college, and she is. . .not. She feels like she's been irreparably damaged. I had a bad physical accident 15 years ago. My mom had to take care of me---feed me and bathroom me and dress me for the first bit of it---for about 6 months. I was not supposed to be able to play the violin or use my arm again (though no one told me that). I felt so much loss. It seemed to go on forever. I couldn't play violin. Who was I? I tried to assure this girl that she WILL get better. That's what I was thinking about as I read about your being with your parents after your Crohn's diagnosis. But your friend. . .ay.


Totally wonderful writing. I always enjoy every word you write and this was compelling. I love how you make connections. You always draw things together to make a whole and make connections and I always wonder how you did it.

I did enjoy it. I am always involved in your writing and always wanting to read more. I certainly will enjoy your book, I am sure of that.

Jen O

Wonderful. I just love the way you write - I love your storytelling and the connections you make Thank you for sharing this. Your book is going to be so fabulous.

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