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June 16, 2013


Kathy S.

Better horses than opossums, amirite? Because for one thing, opossums are hard to saddle.

My H wants to go to college out of state and even though she'll only be a sophomore in high school next year, I'm already bereft. I'm confident Sabina will bloom wherever she's planted, as will my H, but yeesh. I have three years to either learn how to knit FOR REAL or secure some sort of really awesome psychotropic drug prescription. No pressure.


"I have an instinctual fear of any animal that is not killing me because it chooses not to." !!!!


"Perhaps after Andersonville, I'll immortalize Ravenswood, with Blagojevich's face knit onto the front of the bodice in intarsia. Or not."

Yes, please don't. Nobody deserves that. :-)


My lack of autism knowledge shows in the fact that I am amused that non-verbal Olive still knows whats cool and not cool when one is a Tween. Go, Olive!

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