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July 09, 2013



The right to complain without cause now and then is one of the privileges of having a blog. The means to a justified end can be very messy and cumbersome means.

Kathy S.

I would rather get a root canal than move house. Complain away!


I don't think the normal rules of complaining apply to moving, especially with kids. But even without.

Also I sympathize with your friend on one thing: in her place, I would have insisted that the increased pain after peeling was a coincidence too.


Whine away. You must have a fairly good reason for playing musical houses.

We've moved across oceans and continents so many times that I just throw away or give away my own stuff and only pack the kid stuff. I once checked a suitcase from Moscow to Los Angeles filled exclusively with Legos. That episode will get mentioned at his wedding...


I know how you feel. I feel similarly about our diy renos. We're two years in, it's taking way longer than we hoped it would, it is messy, it is consuming and yet I don't feel like I can complain about it on the blog, or even mention it much, because we are pretty lucky to be in a position to be able to afford to renovate. Then I remember that the people who seem to complain the most about not having any money to do this kind of thing are the people who spent their 20s travelling the world and having big adventures rather than staying in the neighbourhood they grew up in, working and having babies and I wonder if I should point this out when they whine? Sigh. I am very happy to hear about your moving woes, we've done it a lot too and it isn't any fun.

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