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October 02, 2013



Sigh. Put me down as conflicted. I miss the frequent posts already - but in the interests of Writing, and perhaps one day reading a Book, I can take one for the team.


I've been enjoying the more frequent posts but secretly wondering about the other writing. I wrote a book a few years ago. :) It helped to have distractions ( eg job hunting, giving birth, grading papers) but nothing too cerebral to pull my mind from the main writing.
Just keep going!


Yes. Me too. Sigh.

Love the leis and the photos.


I second what Samantha said, except I haven't written a book. Would it help if we sent you a lei once in a while?


I certainly enjoyed the period of increased blogging.

Annie D.

Conflicted. No, disappointed. But I understand. However, I totally get being in awe of the lei. My family took a trip to Hawaii the summer before I was married and we received leis at the airport in Maui. I remember being intoxicated by the unique aroma as well as it's beautiful perfection. Having never been to Hawaii before, it was a sweet surprise that the whole island smelled like those leis. North central Ohio has never, ever smelled like that either.


I hope Sapphira is a character in your novel and not some crabby blog reader.


I have been checking my Feedly every day, eagerly anticipating a Knitters-Knitters post. Such disappointment you are responsible for. However, I shall soldier on, confining my eager anticipation for Wednesdays. (That was supposed to be ironic -- I understand and support your need for Writing time. Go for it!)

I remember that pretty much every restaurant meal I ate in Hawaii (28 years ago) had one of those purple orchids adorning the plate. Your lei(s) are wonderful! And I totes agree that we all have lei needs in times of stress. I wish I could have sent one to Elder Son recently (he is doing residency applications), but a, I didn't know there was a lei delivery service, and 2, he's a guy and wouldn't have appreciated it properly anyway.


Color me conflicted - I have been loving the daily posts, but I'm so glad you are writing a book!

The plumeria lei reminded me of being in Hawaii - that smell is just unlike anything else. Enjoy them while they last!


I'll miss the posts, but I now have a kindle and will keep a spot reserved on it for your book!


My name is nowhere near as beautiful as Sapphira but I feel both good and bad about this news. I heartily support that you are Writing but I will miss your writing. I am heartened to read that you will not stop writing entirely but that it will be a mid-week treat for me for a while.

Irma Perlman

Iwasoften called Saphire(close enough and I'm very happy.


It's Wednesday! Another blog post soon!

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