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December 07, 2013



Having just written my first real grant proposal ( off and on writing for 9 months) I will say that for me it was good to get feedback on small pieces that I felt were pretty close. I don't know if I could have accepted critique on the parts I felt were pretty much done. Most of my writing happens before I touch the keys. I stew and spew and then revise obsessively. When I think I'm close to the final versions I can share, but not too soon and not the final one.


Jen, I'm excited to read so many blog posts from you lately . Especially this one. Even if your writing is "not what it used to be", you're writing a lot! Best luck with the next 10 drafts of your short story. I look forward to reading it someday.


This was such a joyous post to read. Well, except for the hair shirt and rabid weasel part. I am so happy for you to be writing again. Giving up the pleasure of reading your daily blog posts is a small sacrifice for the reward of seeing your name on the flyleaf/first page of something published. Write on!


I second kmkat, and I think you're going to catch up to your old writer self pretty quickly. It happens with athletes.


I secondsecond kmkat and Barbara. Losing yourself in your writing bodes well for us readers. Be good to yourself and trust in your significant writing talent.


That is so cool you just lost yourself in working! And LB covered for you---really great. It's going to happen again!


I have to comment, somehow, as I am the "Tom" mentioned above. While I am pleased to see a mention of myself, I feel I come across as incapable of serious comment, or at least unwilling. But your writing always displayed a high degree of sophistication and polish, so I never felt a need to attempt meddling with it. Believe me, I enjoy critiquing and dismissing other people's writing probably as much as anything in life, so I have no trouble laying into junky, incompetent prose. (As an addendum, I have never drunk Sterno, but I have started to drink more and more over the years, so perhaps that day is yet to come.)

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