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February 26, 2014



Sometimes I don't even know who Lo is.


Adorable needlepoint and I am aghast that you made that dress. Aghast! It is truly gorgeous.

Shelley Laird

Whew! So glad you are back :) Lovely knitting! I hearted!




Amelia, please tee me aghast means something different in Aussie! If it helps the jumper/ pinafor is Imeant to be over a long sleeved tee-shirt.

Annie Douglas

The jumper is exquisite and the color is one of my favorites ...seaglass green. My bathroom walls and our bedroom comforter are that color. It reminds me of the ocean.


The needlepoint canvas is SO you, and so even though it is NOT KNITTING, it is wonderful! (Are you familiar with Angus Lost? Along with Peter Whimsey's Miss Climpson, it's what I hear when I have italics in my head.)

I already gave hearts at the Ravelry. And I'm glad to hear the no blogging is a good sign for other writing -- even though I miss your blog voice.


Thanks for coming back to your blog writing for a bit. I always enjoy your posts.


The jumper is just stunning. The skirt too. Wow.


You totally blow me away with your knitting. That jumper is lovely. (It would take me YEARS to knit that.) The needlepoint dog -- aww!

Irma Perlman

The skirt is just lovely.I love it.

Heidi Haney

Lo's comment brought me a smile.

I have satellite radio in my van, but the display screen truncates long song titles. Today I thought of Jen's sister while Whitney Houston sang "I Will Always Lo".


Love that skirt! I'm a gonna make me one!

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