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March 06, 2014


Heather P.

I did not like Lupita's dress either. With you on the sternum and the sides too, I kept waiting for a wardrobe malfunction.

Annie Douglas

I now know you like ginger snaps. I buy them at the Mennonite bulk food store near my house. I've imagined that I am on the younger side of the demographic that buys these. But now I know differently! You're a whole year younger than I ;-)

Westchester Barbara

I never knew what ME was about.

Heidi Haney

Empire 5-2408. My dad was 40 years old when I was born, so I am hip to the lingo. But I missed soling an Ellery Queen mystery show once because in their time frame, phone numbers had only 6 digits.

Have you hear the Bacon Brothers music? We learned of it through a Sandra Boynton book-CD called Philadelphia Chickens. Not rececnt, but we liked it.

I can count...

Also, FYI, Typepad is being more aggressive about wanting me to sign in through an account, such as Facebook or Google+ in order to comment. I know this isn't Jen's doing, but I may comment less, and this may affect Jen's well-being.


Oh, phone numbers with letters? How about the letter trailing the number? As in 3596-M. And you had to pick up the phone to see if anyone else was on the line. If not you had to wait for the operator to get your desired number.

And I can count, too!

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