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April 06, 2014


Kathy S.

Happy happy birthday Daisy!!


Happy Birthday, Daisy! That's a beautiful manicure!
Oh, yes, hello Joan and Pam, you sweet dogs.

Miss Susan

Nathanael looked over my shoulder and said, "That Pam has a doge look on her face."

Sue Sieber

Hahaha! Too sweet and too funny! Happy Birthday Daisy and I want a croissant!
Love, Sue

Westchester Barbara

I'm going to show my girl that modest pile of gifts. and I'm making those mashed potatoes tonight, thank you.


A dais of silk, purple dye, carved pomegranates and lots of love to Daisy on her birthday :)


so croissants

much birthday

very presents

so celebrate

why this Daisy


Irma Perlman

Happy Birhdaywonderful Daisy

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