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April 09, 2014


Kathy S.

So much YAY for Olive! I hope hope hope Agatha gets to Japan. And that Dana still loves track. And that Tole gets an awesome summer cooking program. And that the canine members of the family get that fence. And that you get a nap, because you ain't kidding with that teenager stuff.


Each age has it's own problems/stages that parents have to cope with. Seems like you are doing well.


Beautiful. As I currently have children who fall into the baby, toddler, pre-teen and teen categories I agree with you about it not getting 'easier'. Same same but different.

The Coffee Lady (@LadyOfTheLattes)

Oh, Amen to that. I spent the night before last with a group of mothers who had Self-Motivated Children with Many Interests. I, on the other hand, do not.


Using the edges of the Spirograph is precarious and hard, but also beautiful :)

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