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April 15, 2014


ccr in MA

I wouldn't say that calls for shame, myself. Embarrassment, sure, but there's wisdom in admitting it, acknowledging it, and accepting it. Sometimes that's the best we can do.


Agreed!! ( with prior commenter) It is what it is. Your readers will get what they get ( and love it). Don't even be embarrassed if you can help it. Your stitching a crazy dog print for goodness sake. :)


It *will* come when ready--maybe not the book you have in mind now. When it is time it will come flowing out of you and you won't be able to stop it. Don't stress.


I'm proud to be one of the 157! No shame at all in this decision--just reality. Shame would be ignoring your editor's calls and emails while pretending to yourself and everyone else that you were still working on the book. Think of all the mental time you've freed up for extra knitting and needlepoint decisions.

Janet Friel

No shame at all in facing up to when something just isn't going to happen. The time just isn't right for you now, but it may be in the future. In the meantime the 157 of us love reading what you write here!



Shame would be allowing a substandard manuscript to see the light of day.

And I mean below your own standards, not anyone else's. That's what matters.

Crazy Mom Tats!

The Loyal 157 are here for you, book or no book. The book will come later. Really it will. It's still there.


Your loyal 157 know and appreciate your talent whether there's a book involved or not. No shame necessary! :)

I can relate to this; I started a memoir and made the mistake of letting my mom know. It is just not happening for me, really -- I go in and add a few lines once a month or so. My dear mom, however, constantly asks me how my book is coming. *sigh*


Sometimes we just have to commit to something in order to determine what our true priorities are. Now you know that your desires and priorities right now do not include writing a book. Clarity is not shameful!

My dad's embarrassing driving habit when I was a teen was listening to WBBM news radio. He particularly loved the traffic reports and would turn up the volume when they came on. We lived in central IL, surrounded by corn and bean fields, and had absolutely no need of knowing how many minutes it would take us to drive from Stephenson to the junction on the outbound Ryan.


And if it means that you will be blogging more, I count this as a good thing. hugs.

Westchester Barbara

Oh, Jen. I feel for you.


I see no shame in this at all! If we get to hear from you more often as a result, it is to our benefit. The work you have done on the book is a sunk cost, and I applaud you for giving it up if you aren't feeling it.

Mary K. in Rockport

Maybe at a later time. Women in particular, I think, take on too much and have trouble admitting that they can't do everything.


If you have not watched this Ted talk on vulnerability and shame, you should check it out. http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability

I love your blog. There is no shame in realizing what is in your heart.


We 157 are a selfish lot, and I think secretly, we're all a bit glad that we don't have to share you with the whole rest o' the world who would have immediately discovered your wonderfulness when the book came out!

No shame, sister. No. Shame. Just lots of love. Lots, times 157.



What about the confidence you show in admitting that the time is not right? Kudos to you......it will happen when it happens and all the better for it.


it's okay. and it's better to say "hey, not now, not for me" than to keep going down a path that isn't the right one right now.


You have a loyal 157. Please save the shame for something more shameful. You write a lot more than most other mortals, and I think that a novel might require distance (to see proportions) that you can't achieve in your everyday life.

Lots of writers actually move into hotels and isolate themselves to write, and for you that not an option. While I would love to read the book, my family doesn't give me much distance either and I understand (and I love them).

Annie Douglas

As one of your loyal 157, I've followed your writing as long as I have known you --from your amazing emails on SAHM to your blog. No book? No shame! Your writing is amazing as ever. When I find I have to say no or stop a project that I thought was important to me .....I remind myself, life happens and there are seasons to my life. There is no shame in that.


Loyal 157 member sending love. No Shame!


Solidarity with Jen and the 157!


I'd say 'brave' over 'shame' and, selfishly, thank God for more blog posts from you!

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