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April 18, 2014



My vote is to live with it until it is time to send it to the pillowmaker. If it still bothers you, pull it then. It is possible to turn it white, hate it, and then put these stitches back - but that would be a pain.

Alternately, add the white outline just in this photo, using Paint or some other photo-altering program and see if you like it.


Is it just me or does Day of the Dead Dachshund favor LB?

katy o'

No need to pull stitches. This un-outlined ear is consistent with all of the other parts of the dog that are not outlined if they touch another part of the dog's body, i.e. the where the legs touch each other, they are not outlined. As well as where the ears touch the face.


I think heidicraft has the right idea.


I'm for the outline and will patiently await possible novel in the future.


I agree with Katy'o . it's a design element.


More thoughts. See how there's so much white on either side of his neck? Maybe those should be red. They stand out a lot. But I still think putting white around the ear is good. This is not about logic, but making decisions for the sake of the piece.


This is why I can't do needlework. I would never have noticed and I'm embarrassed to say, I wouldn't have cared. I just like the vibrant colors and the dachshund. In other words, I love you just the way you are.


I totally missed your other blog entry! It's okay not to write a book. Many very fine people that I admire and esteem very much have not written books. xxxooo


(That was said with a smile and a hug, by the way. On rereading, I thought it sounded a little cold.)


Agree with Hildie on the embrodery and Tamara on the subject of writing books.

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