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February 05, 2015



Oh, yay! It's progress. Happy Olive makes for happy mommy and daddy,


You write so well. I am looking at this with my head turned slightly away from the screen. I am very happy to read about the progress because I am happy for Olive and happy for you and LB, and all the other little (big) Sullivans. I especially like the park about not vomiting, I like that bit a lot.
I hope the next bit works itself out without too much fretting or anxiousness from you but if you are like me fretting and anxiousness are pavlovian responses to any situation requiring decision making or change. So, may your fretting and anxiousness be minimal.
PS I loved the videos. x


Apologies about the typos.

Mary K. in Rockport

Yay, Olive!


Wishing you all fortitude and cautious, but not ill-founded, hope.

I've been wanting to add you on Facebook for a while but haven't found you. What's the secret password?


Spicy foods and lively music - it seems that appealing to Olive's Cubanness is the perfect approach.

Get that girl some Celia Cruz and Ropa Vieja, STAT!


I got chills reading this.


I'm so happy for you and for Olive! Praying for you to find the best possible one-on-one during the interim.

When I try to imagine what it must be like to be Spectaculan, I think the hardest part must be to have to constantly come up with ways to communicate thoughts, ideas, and emotions when you don't speak the accepted language of the commoners.


On facebook I'm Jen Perlman Sullivan.


I've been reading for many years (Hi, from Rochester, NY! Also, I own some original eBay ensembles...) but I have never had the courage to comment. But this is worth the comment.

Like Hilda, I have chills. Like Amelia, the chills are equal parts Olive's success and your writing.

My (dearly departed) father was not an effusive man, but I think you'll understand his highest praise:

Well done, Sullivans. Well done.

lynn williams


The Coffee lady

Also, why in hell would you peer through a window when people are actually taking over and you aren't expected to do anything at all? I wish Eldest's physio sessions were anything like that. I take your cautious-to-deadpan enthusiasm, and offer it right back. As someone who spent an hour with a psychologist on Monday coming up with a foolproof plan to solve anger issues, and then doing just what was suggested with a spark of optimism and ending up with a screaming child throwing metal crutches at me as I escaped through a door, I get it completely.

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