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April 07, 2015



You have the right to be tired. You deserve to be tired. What you are doing is mentally exhausting.

My son had cancer come back. We have been through another surgery and are going through every weekday radiation. I have only been in this ballgame for 3.5 months. My brain is dead. Please don't ask me to make any decisions at all.

You have been walking this tightrope while juggling for years. You deserve congratulations that everyone is doing so well and you can still hold a coherent conversation.

Best wishes to you for many good Tuesdays.




Glad to see you ARE blogging again, and that you feel better when you do. Hugs to you -- I'm off to sleep, perchance to dream. Hopefully my subconscious will deal well with a Perlman fix.


Beautiful needlepoint (timely accompaniment to Wolf Hall) and thoughtful, painful, tender account of your night and day. Thank you for letting us in on it all.



We missed you.


Love H & the wives.

And - well, you know.



Frankly I think you are amazing. Always love your projects. Love Love Love the needlepoint.

Westchester Barbara

Pod casts. My friend listens to podcasts with pleasant-voiced people to interrupt that horrible 3am sleep-wrecking diatribe.
Ear buds so LB doesn't have to hear it, too.

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