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August 09, 2015



Yay! She's back!! I'm seeing Lo later this month -- maybe she'll give me what I need to rock the natural hair color. My own beautiful sister went gray a few years ago. If there was a magic wand to skip the intermediate bit, I'd do it tomorrow. You look fabulous!


I love you. And your blog. And you family. Okay. I'm done.


Thank you Aunt Marilyn!!!! I love your natural hair....rather like mine except I let my grow to curly and shaggy...then I get it cut again. Love that Daisy took her best friend to prom. Good luck w/ the statins. Older age is not for the faint hearted. xoxog


Yay! Thank you, Aunt Marilyn!


Welcome back! I too have missed you.

Mary K. in Rockport

I check almost every day, and yay! There you are!


1. Thank you, Aunt Marilyn!

2. I'm so glad you blogged, Jen, I have missed you.

3. You and your hair are lovely.

4. I love it when girls go to prom together or in packs. Daisy and her friend are dressed so nicely, too. Sweet, feminine, reflecting their individuality and creativity while not looking like they belong on the red carpet of an awards show.

5. When did your boys become giants? I'm sure when I started reading your blog they were just itty-bitty!


I am so HAPPY you are back! Have missed your whit and humour terribly! You are LOVELY as ever in your silver locks! Welcome back!


So happy to find you back!!!!!


You're back!! Grateful for the updates. I'm so glad to hear them all!!



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